Just as some of you have already speculated, the QC in QC Commercial stands for Quality Control. Quality Control is the main driver that separates us from our competition. You hear people say all the time “get it right the first time” or “measure twice and cut once”. But rarely do painting contractors put the controls in place to ensure that their painters are focusing on a job done right the first time. By putting a weighted focus on quality and efficiency, our crews are able to meet the highest level of quality expectations while completing assignments well ahead of acceptable labor standards.

This level of focus on quality means our company can provide services at rates much lower than our competitors, and we do so on a consistent basis. By allocating considerable resources to the planning stages of projects, we are able to minimize, if not eliminate, unexpected problems which can cause costly delays or do overs. The time we spend on product and process training has immediate payback by ensuring the right products are applied in the right situations by qualified craftsman.

Since entering the industrial painting industry, we’ve never disappointed a customer. Sure, there have been disgruntled home owners or disputes with amateur home builders in the past. But this is common in the residential market. Very few standards exist and contracts are nonexistent in that area of construction. In the industrial market customers expect professionalism. Stakes are high and the cost of quality can be expensive, especially when project owners charge liquidated damages for not finishing projects on time. This is where our company can be a great asset to GCs and CMs, who need responsible, reliable, subcontractors to keep projects moving forward to the requirements set by aggressive schedules.

So how do we do it? Well, have you ever had the filet mignon at Outback Restaurant? If so, you’ve probably noticed that regardless of the location you visited the steak tasted exactly the same and was cooked to the same exact temperature at all locations. The restaurant chain obviously follows well defined procedures, from ordering raw food, to preparation, to cooking, to serving—everything is done the same way no matter where you choose to eat.

At QC we implement a similar system. Regardless of what jobsite you might visit, our crews are following the same set of rules and procedures that we have determined produce the highest quality outcome using the most efficient methods available. Our results may not make your mouth water, but as a project owner or general contractor you’ll salivate over the reliability and consistency you will receive when partnering with QC Commercial, LLC! Remember, we install quality coatings when quality counts. We are QC!