Industrial Painting

QC Commercial LLC image  has been successfully competing in the commercial construction industry since 2008. We break down our painting projects into two main categories, commercial painting and industrial painting. Industrial painting projects typically consist of concrete and steel and most always involve the use of high performance coatings.  Our capabilities and experience include:
  • Pharmaceutical and Food Processing Manufacturing Facilities
  • Electricity Generating Plants powered by Coal and Natural Gas
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
  • Ground Storage Containers
  • Secondary Containment Systems
  • Waterproof Coatings and Retaining Walls
  • Concrete Epoxy Floors
  • Exposed Metal Ceilings and Structural Steel
  • QC Commercial - Industrial Painting with High Performance Coating 53

We know how industrial construction works and thus we excel in the industry. We stay in front of the latest trends and requirements regarding OSHA regulation, GMP, warranty requisites, NACE compliance, insurance requirements, and all of the administrative activities required to support the various functions of construction. We have developed the daily operating procedures required to compete at the highest levels when working in specific industry sectors such as big pharma, coal and gas, and food processing facilities. We possess the expertise necessary to manage large industrial projects by implementing a proven set of procedures developed to ensure quality results, e.g., change order requests, request for information, corrective action implementation and tracking, price modeling, job hazard assessment, employee training programs, and more.

Our submittal process is second to none. We understand that success and failure depend in great part on a company’s preconstruction planning activities. Our engineers review the construction documents thoroughly and scrutinize every reference to coatings, whether it’s a requirement buried deep in the project manual, an indirect but implied reference in a drawing note, or a subtle change in requirements on page fifty-two of addendum five. We prepare our submittal package to comply with the construction documents, and we highlight any inconsistencies or compatibility issues found in the coating specifications. This attention to detail helps to eliminate serious issues from creeping up during the actual construction phase—issues that may cause major delays and price increases to the overall project.

Our operations manager has years of experience developing and implementing ISO 9000 programs at various manufacturing facilities and has used this experience and knowledge to run an efficient and quality centric painting operation. Our company has made significant investments in equipment to insure that personnel have the right safety tools and apparatus to perform their work without risking personal injury or property damage. Our employees are well trained to operate equipment used on large industrial projects. Scaffolding, swing staging, articulating booms, and scissor lifts are all typical equipment used on QC worksites. Our company has a significant inventory of paint sprayers (electric and gas powered), pressure washers, floor grinders, and a variety of power hand tools required to get the job done right, efficiently, and to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The company’s largest single contract to date exceeds $1M and prefers projects with a minimum contract value of $100K. Over the years we have partnered with several GCs, and we do perform work on smaller projects for existing customers or companies that have the potential of becoming repeat customers.

If your company is planning a facility upgrade or expansion, or just need someone to handle your ongoing facility maintenance requirements as they relate to paints and coatings, contact us here at QC. We would love to speak to you about your plans. We’ll be happy to send out a professional representative from our team to recommend the right solutions to the issues you face.

If you are a general contractor wanting to build a lasting relationship with a subcontractor with integrity, call us. We would be glad to discuss your upcoming projects with you, or provide you with a competitive proposal on potential new work you may be bidding.

We have no doubt that you will be surprised, if not amazed, at the level of service, professionalism, and commitment you will receive from everyone aboard the QC team.

Remember… “We provide Quality Coatings when Quality Counts! We are QC.”